Painless Cosmetic Dentistry

The aim of cosmetic dentistry is to make you feel better – shouldn’t the treatment process be comfortable as well? No longer does gaining a new smile mean hours of discomfort in the dental chair. Beauty doesn’t always require pain – and there are cosmetic treatments available that will transform your teeth without requiring anesthesia or tooth preparation.

Comfortable Cosmetic Dental Treatment

We’re all about sedation dentistry, but we also try to avoid it whenever possible. Why not offer treatment that doesn’t cause any pain? With the following treatments, completely comfortable treatment is possible:

  1. Sensitivity-free whitening – Teeth whitening removes stains from your enamel. Its porous surface allows staining compounds to take hold – but it also allows hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to activate the tooth’s nerves. This can be uncomfortable and make whitening a nearly impossible affair. Patients with weak enamel and sensitive teeth are especially vulnerable. Modern whitening methods account for every type of tooth. Even those with high sensitivity will find a whitening option that works – without causing twinges.
  2. LUMINEERS – In order to receive dental veneers, patients often need their teeth to be reduced. The teeth must be thin enough for the veneers to fit over them without appearing bulky. This process has been improved upon with LUMINEERS, ultra-thin porcelain veneers. They’re often thin enough to fit over patients’ teeth without requiring any tooth prep.
  3. Dental bonding – Bonding is a patient-friendly cosmetic option that adds material to teeth that you’d like to change. It’s a single-appointment treatment, as the bonding material is shaped and hardened chairside. There’s no waiting for the restorations to return from a dental lab. And, better yet, bonding is often possible without any removal of your natural teeth.

Ideal Cosmetic Dentistry

…is the kind that feels great and produces beautiful results. Get in touch with Jepsen, Murphy & Associates to learn more!