Dental bridges are made up of two to three crowns for teeth that are supported by either natural or implanted teeth. They can improve your smile, restore your chewing and speaking ability, maintain the facial structure and prevent your remaining teeth from moving out of position.

There are three main types of bridges:

Cantilever Bridges

This is a less common type of bridge where the bridge is only supported on one side of your missing tooth. In this case, a single crown will support the artificial tooth alone. Thus, it is not used in areas of the mouth that receive more stress from chewing.

Maryland Bonded Bridges

Made of porcelain or metal resin, these bridges are bonded to your teeth on both sides of the missing tooth. This is more commonly used to replace a patient’s front teeth.

Traditional Bridges

These are the most common type of bridges. A crown is created for both sides of your missing tooth or teeth creating a “bridge” to conceal the gap. Your dentist will shave your teeth down to fit the crowns.