3 Types of Teeth Whitening

We’re all interested in having a bright, white smile. In our era, options for whitening are endless. Depending on your whitening needs and your teeth, you may be able to whiten in-office, at home, and even during daily life. Hydrogen peroxide whitening gel isn’t even the only path you can take toward a shining grin. Read on to learn of a few ways you can bring teeth whitening into every moment of your life.

Professional Teeth Whitening

When you’re seeking immediate results, in-office whitening is the way to go. Our Denver team will have your smile whitened by several shades within the space of one appointment. If you have an upcoming event or are hoping to get all your whitening done in one step, in-office whitening is the right choice. Our staff will be with you throughout the process to answer any questions you may have and monitor treatment.

Home Whitening

Those with sensitive teeth may find office whitening too uncomfortable. In this case, there’s whitening solace to be found in home treatment. Gels used for home whitening treatment are less intense, with a lower level of hydrogen peroxide. These won’t make you uncomfortable, but will still bring about results. You’ll experience gradual whitening over the course of several weeks.

White Smile Practices

Why not make the effort to keep your teeth white in the first place? By avoiding staining liquids, rinsing or brushing your teeth after eating, and enjoying a tooth-friendly diet, you can keep teeth white on a daily basis. You should also practice excellent oral hygiene to remove superficial stains before they move deeper, below your tooth enamel’s porous surface.

If you’re seeking whiter teeth, you can begin moving toward your goal this very moment. Begin by adopting some of the tips we mentioned, then schedule a whitening appointment with our Denver office. We’ll have your smile sparkling in no time.