Protecting the health and beauty of your smile with advanced, family-focused professional oral care

As providers of proactive, family-oriented dentistry in Westminster, Colorado, at Jepsen, Murphy & Associates Dental, we are proud to partner with individuals of all ages to support their oral health and well-being. Comprehensive oral exams are fundamental to this approach to dental care.

Dental exam 101

For patients with healthy mouths who are not at elevated risk of developing conditions such as oral cancers, we recommend that exams be scheduled two times per year or once every six months. Risk factors for oral pre-cancers and cancerous lesions include:

  • Smoking.
  • Use of other tobacco products.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Unprotected exposure to UV rays (from the sun or tanning).

Additionally, patients with risk factors for gum disease and tooth decay may also require more frequent exams. Examinations are coupled with professional cleanings. So, patients with nutritional and other oral care challenges may need cleanings more often to remove stubborn plaque build-up or tartar. As with all exams, we can also promptly spot problems such as early enamel erosion and gum inflammation (gingivitis). Early detection prevents these conditions from progressing and the need for invasive, extensive, time-consuming, and costly restorative treatments to “save” a badly damaged tooth and restore eroded gummy tissue.

The process

Our dentists apply their considerable know-how of oral anatomy and function to assess the health of the teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues and structures. They are not only looking for early-stage tooth decay and gum disease but also for abnormalities that may suggest pre-cancerous or cancerous lesions may also be identified. Additionally, our experienced and skilled dental team is watchful for potential developmental concerns and functional problems with the jaw joints.

To the former condition, we are proactive when it comes to examining developing third molars at the very back of the mouth. Commonly known as “wisdom teeth,” these molars tend to become impacted or trapped in the jawbone. If these teeth are not forming correctly, we can recommend their removal before they cause pain and other undesirable symptoms and threaten surrounding teeth and our patients’ overall health.

For the latter condition, we’ll assess functions such as how you open and close your mouth to determine if TMJ dysfunction is present. To aid in a proper diagnosis, we know what questions to ask about your habits and potential TMJD symptoms. From there, we can recommend appropriate treatments to resolve pain, headaches, and other problems rooted in TMJDs.

At Jepsen, Murphy & Associates Dental, we are further supported in this mission of accurate, prompt diagnoses by advanced diagnostic technologies. Digital x-rays, for instance, can “see” what cannot be pinpointed with the naked eye alone. These x-rays render clear and detailed images of even tiny spaces or hidden decay. Furthermore, they are safe, convenient, and hassle-free for patients and their families.

Call (303) 800-6884 today to schedule your exam or reserve an appointment at the “schedule now” tab on this website. Our office is conveniently located between Denver and Boulder in Westminster, CO, and we are proud to serve the region with family-focused and truly caring dentistry.