Get Your Complete, Healthy, and Confident Smile Back with a Range of Dentures Options

Jepsen, Murphy & Associates Dental is your family’s “home” for exceptional and kind dentistry for life in Westminster, Colorado. We treat patients of all ages, from infants to seniors, and we appreciate that tooth loss does not have to be a fact of life for aging patients. In fact, our highly personalized and proactive approach to care preserves natural teeth and tissues and avoids the need for restorative dentistry–including tooth replacement Now, we offer a range of modern and precision-fit dentures options if we find that we cannot preserve your teeth through other means.

Replacing a Few Teeth or a Mouthful of Teeth

Dentures are versatile. Partial dentures may be used to replace a few or several teeth. Complete dentures are made to replace many or all the teeth in the upper and/or lower jaw(s). Traditional “partials” are held in place using specialized attachments. They connect to existing, healthy teeth. Conventional complete or full dentures are held in place with natural suction and, as needed, denture adhesive products. Due to the nature of these dentures, it is a “must”  that they fit your mouth perfectly. We at Jepsen, Murphy & Associates Dental leave no stone unturned when designing and planning your denture. We ensure that your new teeth fit properly so they won’t slide around and cause discomfort and sores. Precision-fit dentures further support comfortable and efficient chewing and clear speech.

As true, long-term partners in your and your family’s oral health, our team also works with patients closely to ensure they adjust to their dentures in the most hassle-free and speedy way possible.

We understand that some patients may be concerned about this adjustment period and the functionality of traditional dentures. Patients with existing dentures may be concerned about ongoing changes to the fit of their dentures. Toothless patients experience bone loss because the jawbone does not have the support it needs from overlying teeth to stay strong and healthy. As this process occurs and the bone retreats, the denture cannot conform to the new shape and contours of the mouth. Due to bone loss, these dentures must be adjusted (relined or rebased) on an ongoing basis. Maintaining the stability of lower dentures, in particular, can be challenging due to the anatomical features of the lower jaw as well as the movement of the tongue. The force from the tongue (and the horseshoe shape of the lower jaw)can displace lower dentures.

These patients may benefit from dentures held in place by dental implants. Each implant is a cylindrical-shaped post. Made from a biocompatible material (like titanium), implants are positioned precisely in the jaw and made to fuse (“osseointegrate”) to the surrounding bone. Once connected to the rest of the jaw, the implant can properly stabilize the replacement tooth–like a natural tooth root!

As few as four implants may hold an entire arch of an upper or lower denture in place. Call (303) 800-6884 to schedule your dentures consultation at the office of Jepsen, Murphy & Associates Dental in Westminster, Colorado. You can also book an appointment by clicking the “Schedule Now” tab on this website. There will surely be an option to preserve or restore your healthy, stunning smile. Be sure to ask about immediate implants, which allow you to never go without teeth! Temporary or provisional