Don’t sleep on comfortable, easy treatments to protect the mouth from night-time teeth grinding

Bruxism is a condition characterized by chronic or habitual teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Our family dentists at Jepsen, Murphy & Associates Dental in Westminster, Colorado, might be on the frontlines of detecting this common condition. Often, children and adults alike do not realize that they “brux,” as the behavior commonly occurs during deep sleep. So, they are not aware of this habit.

Our team may see evidence of bruxism during routine “check-ups.” These check-ups are generally scheduled two times annually and include a comprehensive exam. Signs of bruxism may show up as chips or excessive wear and tear. Fortunately, nightguards prevent further damage by protecting the teeth.

Wake up to oral appliance therapy

Oral appliances are small, lightweight devices worn in the mouth to protect the teeth and adjust the position of the jaws and other tissues. There are an array of devices available at our practice. The most appropriate device for you largely depends on the condition we wish to correct.

For patients with bruxism, nightguards are customized to impressions or models of the mouth. They fit perfectly to each individual’s one-of-a-kind contours and specifications. This characteristic aids with patient compliance because the nightguard is comfortable to wear, durable, and effective at protecting the teeth and dental restorations from fractures and other types of damage.

Bruxism is also associated with TMJ dysfunction or disorders. TMJDs refer to conditions that are caused by stress to the TMJs or jaw joints on both sides of the face. TMJD symptoms can be quite debilitating and include chronic headaches and migraines, radiating pain, and jaw locking or stiffness.

Patients with TMJD may find that nightguards to address bruxism improve the frequency and severity of symptoms like headaches by easing the pressure that is placed on the jaws from chronic teeth grinding. Patients who are daytime bruxers or those with TMJD symptoms may also benefit from very small devices or guards, which prevent the back teeth from touching when patients brux or bite down. Such repositioning further helps to cushion the blow or impact from persistent teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

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