How sedation dentistry can combat dental anxiety

Whether you have sensitive teeth, a fear of needles, or harbor general dental anxiety, our Westminster, Colorado office may be able to offer you a painless dental experience using sedation dentistry. At Jepsen, Murphy & Associates Dental, we work carefully with each patient to create an individualized anesthesia plan so you can finally have a relaxing dental experience!

What options are available for sedation?

If you have a dental phobia, our team provides a wide selection of sedation solutions to meet your needs. Sedation can range from light to heavy, and we are happy to consult with you to determine the most appropriate level for you. Please make sure to let your dentist know if you have dental anxiety and would like to explore your local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, or general anesthesia options with our certified dental anesthesiologist at Jepsen, Murphy & Associates Dental.

How does sedation work?

The type of dental sedation you choose for yourself will provide a different kind of process. If you select our nitrous oxide sedation, you will rest in the treatment chair and wear a special mask over the nose that administers this odorless, colorless gas. Patients will experience sedation quickly, and the amount can be adjusted according to the patient’s needs. Our team administers oxygen at the end of treatment to reverse the nitrous oxide sedation swiftly.

Regarding your local anesthesia, an injection is given to numb the area being treated for optimum comfort. General anesthesia, on the other hand, is managed by our certified dental anesthesiologist, and patients are monitored from start to finish by our experienced providers and team.

How do I learn more about sedation dentistry?

Using one of our many sedation options is the most reliable way to have a positive experience every time you sit in our dental chairs. Drs. Jepsen, Murphy, and Schmidt provide Westminster, CO, area patients with solutions that meet and exceed their expectations! If you are curious to learn more about our dental phobia sedation methods, call our office at (303) 800-6884 to request an appointment at 2921 West 120th Avenue, Suite #210. We serve new and returning patients in and around the communities of Thornton, Northglenn, Arvada, and Boulder, CO.