6-plus benefits of tooth-colored, metal-free ceramic dental fillings

Our great joy at Jepsen, Murphy & Associates Dental is to treat individuals of all ages, from infants to seniors, at our practice in Westminster, Colorado. Due to our warm, welcoming, relationship-based approach to family dentistry, we often keep the teeth, gums, and mouth healthy without interventions beyond hygiene products and recommendations and professional preventives such as fluoride supplements and dental sealants.

Dental fillings, however, are among the most conservative restorative options available to our patients in and around Northglenn, Arvada, Thornton, and Boulder. Moreover, our patients never have to worry that their restored teeth will look unnatural.

Tooth-colored fillings

Also known as “white” or “metal-free” fillings, tooth-colored fillings are made from composite resins. This combination of plastics and glass particles is perfectly color-matched to blend in with the remaining healthy tooth structure and neighboring natural teeth. In addition to their stunning, natural looks, composite resin fillings are a healthy, long-lasting, comfortable, and durable alternative to other traditional forms of dental materials to repair cavities. These benefits include:

  • “Wear” well, don’t corrode like silver-colored metal amalgam fillings
  • High biocompatibility, appropriate for patients with sensitivities to metals
  • Require minimal removal of tooth structure during placement
  • Preserve the utmost natural and healthy tooth structure
  • Present an intelligent investment and great value due to their strength

Additionally, we can place composite white fillings in just one appointment. You can spend less time in the treatment chair and more time enjoying your comfortable, healthy, and attractive smile! The process is straightforward and simply involves removing damaged tissues from the affected tooth and shaping the treatment site to “accept” the filling. Then, the restoration is secured or cemented to the prepared tooth.

Patients with more extensive needs may require dental inlays, dental onlays (partial crowns), or full coverage dental crowns. Likewise, not everyone with dental damage requires a filling. Early stage enamel erosion can be resolved effectively, non-invasively, and quickly with professional preventive services to remineralize the teeth.

We look forward to discussing options with you! Do not delay in calling us because many oral conditions are progressive. The longer you go without professional treatment, the worse these conditions can become. Decay and gum disease can even threaten the structure and health of the tooth, leading to the need for the affected tooth to be removed or extracted.

Our dedicated family dental practice in Westminster, CO, can be reached at (303) 800-6884. Or, for your convenience, you may request an appointment any time of day or night at the “schedule now” tab on this website.