Did You Know Dental Implants Could Do That?

“What is it? What can they do??” And with that, we’ve ensnared you in another dental implants blog post! Don’t worry – this isn’t just about replacing teeth with implants. Instead, we’re here to discuss a few of the more surprising things that implants accomplish for you, your mouth, and your oral health. Rather than merely replacing missing teeth, implants actually usher in a slew of dental and physical benefits. Read on to learn a few of the most surprising aspects of life after dental implants.

Hidden Benefits of Dental Implants

The titanium posts that replace missing tooth roots have repercussions throughout your mouth and your bone structure. Because of the unique role that implants play, they stop widespread havoc from taking hold after you’ve lost teeth. They prevent aging and the outbreak of dental problems in a few different ways:

  • Preserving bone density – When you lose a tooth, the bone that formerly connected to that tooth’s root loses support. This causes the bone to begin to dissolve, and affects its density. Weak bones may break, and will not support dental implants you may decide to get in the future. Placing a dental implant will keep that bone supported, and your jaw strong.
  • Maintaining facial structure – Losing bone and teeth can also cause changes to your facial structure. No one wants to be saddled with prematurely sagging skin! Implants will help support your present facial structure and prevent early aging of your face.
  • Helping prevent decay and gum disease – The gaps left by missing teeth are dangerous spots. They support the breeding of bacteria, and can lead to cavities and periodontal disease. Implants will fill out your smile to help keep it healthy.
  • Keeping your teeth properly aligned – Spaces in your smile are also bad news for your bite. The neighboring teeth will shift to fill them, ruining your bite and potentially causing TMJ problems. Dental implants will keep things where they belong.

Dental Implant Placement in Denver

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