Letting Go Of Dental Anxiety

Fear of dental treatment is typically something established at an early age, that we then carry with us throughout our lives. This anxiety can be hard to shake, especially if it’s something you’ve been experiencing for decades. Fortunately, there are concrete steps you can take to get more comfortable in our Denver office and in the dental chair. This week’s blog post will help you reclaim control over your nerves when pursuing dental treatment. Above all else, keep in mind that dental care may be stressful at the moment, but that it is ultimately going to make you feel much better!

Tips for Relieving Your Dental Anxiety

  1. Research your upcoming procedure. Even if that procedure is something as simple as a dental exam and teeth cleaning, knowing the specific steps will tell you what to expect. You won’t react to new tools or techniques with apprehension, but will be able to follow along and know exactly what’s going on.
  2. Communicate with your dentist. If you’re feeling nervous, we’d love to know about it! This will help us determine the sedation that may be right for you, and we’ll also take pains to communicate each step of the procedure to you. Never feel ashamed or uncomfortable about your anxiety – that only makes things worse, and you’re not alone. The majority of dental patients feel some level of nervousness about treatment.
  3. Ask for sedation. We don’t always offer it right away, simply because there are other things to tend to. If sedation is something you’re interested in, let us know. It can make a huge difference in helping you relax and feel good about treatment.

Calming Dental Treatment

Your time in the dental chair can be a nice break from your hectic day. Let us know if you have any apprehensions or questions before your next appointment.