Preparing To Get A Dental Crown

Once you’ve decided to rebuild your smile, it’s time to prepare yourself. This doesn’t mean preparing your teeth – our Denver team will take care of that. Rather, get acquainted with the crown procedure so that there aren’t any surprises ahead. This blog post will act as a primer for patients anticipating restorative dental treatment. With a little research, you’ll find that you’re more comfortable and less anxious on the day of your crown prep.

Steps of the Dental Crown Procedure

  1. Consultation. You’ve probably already taken this step, but it’s important to mention. During your consultation, Dr. Jepsen or Dr. Murphy will discuss your aesthetic goals and methods of restoration. You’ll decide on a porcelain crown together after evaluation of your teeth and jaw.
  2. Tooth preparation. In order for the crown to fit over your tooth, we will need to remove some of the natural tooth structure. Because this can be uncomfortable, we will anesthetize you so that the area is numb. If you’re nervous, we will provide dental sedation.
  3. Impression. Once the tooth is ready, we will take an impression of the area so that the crown may be made to perfectly fit the tooth. We will send this impression to our dental lab so that they may fabricate your crown.
  4. Temporaries. We will bond a temporary crown to the tooth so that you need not spend time without a full tooth.
  5. Waiting period. Receiving the crown from the dental lab will take several weeks.
  6. Crown bonding. Once we have your crown, you will have your final crown appointment. At this time, we will bond the crown to your tooth and put the finishing touches on it. Your crown will look and feel completely natural.

Reasons for Dental Crowns

If you would like to rebuild a worn, damaged, or decayed tooth, a porcelain crown could be the best solution. Learn more by contacting Jepsen, Murphy & Associates.