Vanquish Facial Lines – Without Surgery

Our faces fall prey to the forces of time. As the years go by, loss of hydration and repetitive facial muscle contractions change our skin in a number of ways. The most common is by wrinkling it, taking away our youthfully smooth countenances. While many think that surgery is the only option for returning their skin to its earlier state, gentle facial enhancements can make just as much of a a difference – without the complicated procedure. Our Denver team offers facial enhancements with Botox and Juvederm, for any wrinkle that plagues you.

Botox | Forehead Lines

Every time you concentrate, your forehead may be acting in ways you’re not aware of. Many of us find that we furrow our brows when stressed or working hard, leading to vertical lines between the brows. Raising our eyebrows also forms horizontal lines that stretch across the face. Neither of these lines are desirable, and they age one of the most prominent parts of our faces.

Botox treatment will relax your facial muscles, preventing even stress from forming lines. As your muscles remain free of contractions, the skin over them will begin to heal. The cells will regenerate, and preexisting lines will smooth out. Repeated Botox treatments will result in permanent wrinkle reduction.

Juvederm | Laugh Lines

Stress and concentration aren’t the only things that can cause unwanted lines. Unfortunately, smiling and laughing also take tolls on our smooth skin. Juvederm will supply your skin with hyaluronan, which adds volume to reduce lines. Fillers reduce lines around your nose and mouth.

Removing Lip Lines

Another form of facial line is the vertical lip line, which can occur above and below the lips. Both Botox and Juvederm can help minimize these lines, by reducing muscle movement and adding volume, respectively.

Have any of the wrinkles mentioned above been bothering you? Get in touch with our Denver practice to discuss potential solutions.