Why Healthy Gums Should Be A Top Priority

A beautiful smile is quickly noticed, and helps form a great first impression. But what about the gums supporting that smile? While they may not be as immediately apparent, healthy gums play a key role in a gorgeous smile. Not only do they play into its aesthetics, they’re also necessary to support your teeth. Neither gums nor teeth are healthy without one another. Pay attention to your periodontal health in order to help your pearly whites last.

How Teeth and Gums Cooperate

As plaque accumulates on teeth, so it does on gums. When you’re experiencing a number of cavities, it’s likely that your gums are also being exposed to infection. If plaque infiltrates your gums, they will cease to be an adequate support system for your teeth. Gums will pull away from teeth, and bacteria-filled pockets will form between the two entities. This allows teeth to loosen, and become unstable in their sockets. Infected gums also place the rest of the body at risk, as bacteria can spread through the bloodstream and cause other systemic issues.

The simplest way to avoid a slew of dental and health problems is clear: keep your gums healthy!

Taking Great Care of Your Gums

  • Removing plaque and bacteria from teeth helps keep it from affecting your gums. Keep your gums in mind when performing daily oral hygiene, and make sure to take the following steps to establish tip-top gingival health:
  • Consistent, correct brushing and flossing – If you’re unsure as to how to floss, read up on it with a flossing guide. Excellent flossing will remove plaque from spaces between your teeth and gums – spots that a toothbrush isn’t always able to reach.
  • Eating a well balanced diet – Continue avoiding sugary and starchy foods to prevent acid formation in the mouth. This acid wears away enamel and irritates the gums. Some especially gum-friendly foods and beverages include dairy, raw produce, green tea, and leafy greens (like spinach and kale).
  • Using mouthwash – Brushing and flossing don’t even touch some areas of your gums. A mouthwash will flood your mouth with an antibacterial rinse to keep your gums happy.

Regular Dental Exams Keep Gums Healthy

Our Denver team will spot signs of gingivitis or periodontal disease right away, but you have to give us the opportunity to do so. Schedule your next dental exam today.